Part of the Street Art scene in Poland since 1996 , Sepe is a talented artist that has been raised on traditional graffiti.
He crosses genres from graphic design to graffiti art with a tortured aesthetic. Sepe’s work is populated by long bodies with unusual skin colours, the lines are imperfect, jagged.

The power of Sepe’s work lies in his giving a secondary movement to his painting through graphic lines and brushstrokes whilst maintaining a balanced composition. He successfully combines an abstract figurative style with a graphic one, restructuring space through deconstruction.

Sepe’s work has been shown in galleries in Germany, France and Poland as well as in magazines such as Graffiti Art, Muralismo Morte and Brain Damage.

“Alliance'”- Mixed media on canvas – 81x65cm – £POA
“Blindmen2” – Mixed media on canvas – 120x80cm – £POA
“Humpy Angel” – Mixed media on canvas – 120x80cm – £POA
“Revolutions” – Mixed media on canvas – 90x60cm – £POA
“Spacer” -Mixed media on wood – 48x94cm – £POA