Los Angeles-based artist Rob Sato is a painter, illustrator, and comic book artist.

Well known for his overflowing imagination, his work layers personal, historical and oneiric narratives into scenes of perpetual transition.

The originality of his work lies not only in his abound flow of details but also in the technique that he is using. Working exclusively with watercolour and acrylic inks, Sato abandoned the outlines, in order to give a different dynamic to his work, which creates a loose and controlled image at the same time.

Fascinated by the notion of time related to our living, Rob Sato shows us scenes of constant mutation where the past, present and future exist simultaneously. Time is on the loose and the artist enjoys seeing it as a living, invisible mass that is fed and changed by human energy and perception.

The subjects in the paintings are caught between shifting dimensions, living in a storm of birth, decay, death and transformation, while time moves around, against and through them.

This concept that he develops through his paintings, Rob Sato calls it « Rotting Nostalgia’, A confusion of time that reinforces his dystopian world, unique to the artist.

“Out of Shit” – Watercolor on paper – 66x76cm – £POA
“Twins” (Paintings from the movie ‘Social Network’) – Mixed media -305×487,6cm – £POA
“Face Operation” (Paintings from the movie ‘Social Network’) – Mixed media – 365,7x762cm – £POA
“Traumville” – Watercolor on paper – 35.56 x 36.83 cm
“Mothership” – Watercolor on paper – 62.23 x 48.26 cm
“House Arrest” – Watercolor on Fabriano Artistico – 37 x 49.5 cm – £POA