Ben tolman is an artist from Washington DC. Fascinated by the juxtapositions of the mundane patterns of everyday life and the extraordinary peculiarity of life itself, in a world that’s constantly moving faster and faster his meticulous imaginative ink drawings allow him, the space to slow down and explore circumstances.

Long ago as a child, he abandoned any existing cultural mythology as an explanation for life and have been exploring this mystery, and creating his own mythology through art, ever since. Without any prepackaged creation stories, he has the freedom to just reflect on the mystery, beauty and horror of it all without any prejudice. The slow process of dense ink drawings allows time to dig out a more subtle understanding of the circumstance and embed that in his work.

Ben Tolman’s visual tales can hold your eyes for a very long time.

“Jump” – Ink on board – 76x51cm – £POA
“Chair” – Ink on paper – 101.5x127cm – £POA
“Mound” – Ink on paper – 152x152cm – £POA
“Tighty Whitey” – Ink on paper – 188x86cm – £POA
“Cubes” – Ink on paper – 45.5×30.5cm – £POA