Light and Art to sculpt Illusion and Reality


Here is a video of the last Kinetica Art Fair 2013. The show tried to challenge ideas on what is real, perceived or imagined, and focused on transformation, metamorphism, visual paradox, vibration, nature, the subliminal and the subconscious.

Natural or artificial, the light is fundamental and necessary in Art, it shapes space. As well, within a gallery, the careful positioning of lights is one of the most important thing for subliming the work of the artists, and influencing the viewer’s attention. The role of light is more than just an illuminator, it gives visual information about form, texture and dimension.  The light and shade are two essential elements, for an artist, forming gradation and sculpting space and volume.

In this video, the artists discuss how light can change our vision and experience of a space, how it can change a work depending on our proximity to it, and how artificial light can affect our mood.

To summarize, without Light we would be in the Dark, innit…..?!

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