The Scarab had an enormous significance in the Egyptian mythology. It was a representation of the egyptian god Khepri, who pushed the morning sun out of the darkness, into our world and across the sky. Khepri translates to “coming into being”. It is a symbol of regeneration and renewal.

The name “Golden Scarab” Gallery is a visual metaphor to suggest our role to championing the Art of tomorrow, and encouraging emerging artists to pursue their dreams.

Golden Scarab shows a diverse range of inspirational work from Urban Contemporary Art to Realism Fantastic, Surrealism,Visionary Art, Outsider Art, Tattoo Art and Illustration.
Based in London, we choose to support talented emerging artists, from around the world, who express the spirit of our time and point to our future.
A number of our artists began to play a key role in the Art landscape of today. Golden Scarab is a combination of well known and lesser known artists.
The process for choosing your taste will involve a mixture of intellectual awareness and intuitive soul searching.
The joy with Contemporary Art is that you have to re-adjust your sensibility and your taste. This is why we selected artists that are there to challenge the current conventions and not to affirm them. We have a finger on the pulse of creativity, an eye on the present and a taste for risky adventure.

Golden Scarab also offers some art advices to particulars and businesses, adapted to their preference and needs.