Genius British Illustrator Ralph Steadman // Limited Books

After following for years the astonishing work of Ralph Steadman, the time has come to write a little post about him.

Ralph Steadman is mainly known for his long friendship and collaboration with the wild journalist Hunter S.Thompson, writer of Fear and Load in Las vegas. But Ralph Steadman is more than just a simple illustrator, he is in my humble opinion, probably one of the most distinguished of our time. It gives me goose bump each time my eyes come across with one of his powerful, anarchic and emotionally raw drawings. He is also the pioneer of ‘Gonzo Journalism’ and wrote many features for the Rolling Stone magazine

Ammo Books publisher is launching a remarkable monograph of his work called “Proud To Be Weirrd”. The book is quite pricy ($400) because of its rarity. Only 1,000 books have been printed and it comes along with a signed and numbered limited-edition print.

Also after 15years of preparation, the documentary by Charlie Paul about Ralph Steadman entitled “For No Good Reason” and narrated by Johnny Depp, should be released soon on Sky Atlantic (watch the trailer above). A film about the power and importance of ART.

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